A small guide to start with...

Here are some instructions for our panel.Video tutorial will come soon...

  • OverView : Your Account overview
  • Add Balance : Add credits to your balance through Paypal or 2CheckOut.Please remember that you need to use valid informations…
  • Deposit History : Here is the list of your last transactions.If any issue occured,give us your transaction id to fix it.
  • Account Settings : Here you can change your account details.
  • Change Password : Change your current password.
  • Change Avatar : Change your avatar.
  • Notifications : Get notified when your balance,your posts or your day run low.Contact with us to enable that option,is disabled by default.

Add Order

Choose your category,type and service.Add your link/URL and the desirable amount and place your order.

Extra Options
  1. -> Spread over the total amount to the posts you submit(starting/ending post num.)
  2. -> System will submit your order the time you will declare.
  3. I want to split the Likes/Followers/Comments amount to delivery -> Receive the service splited over time (from 10 mins to 96 hours),eg you can get 1000 followers splited as : 50 every 12 hours…

Orders History

The history of your orders.Yu can filter them and find for any order placed with various ways.

The etails button will show you some statistics about current order.


You can select any order and submit for action…

  1. Cancel order : Will cancel the order if it’s on pending status.If it’s on processing we cannot cancel/refund the order.
  2. Re-Add order : Will re add the exact same order on the same server/service.
  3. Re-Add on different server : This option can be used if you want to put the same order on different server/service.Usefull when a server is having delays or it’s down.

Instagram Auto Likes

Here is the list of your profiles submited for auto likes.You can add new user name by clicking the top right button.

Add Username
  • Insert Username : Use Instagram profile without @ or instagram.com/username… just  username
  • Select Auto Likes or Auto Views : You can add a profile to being watched for video posts and send views to every video post automatically or you can use the auto likes and send likes to every new post.
  • The Amount of likes : The amount of likes you want to receive on every post
  • Stop After X Post(s) got Likes : System will stop sending auto likes after X number reached.
  • Please choose type of likes : Select the server and the service for likes to be sent…You have many options here from real likes to geo-targeted profiles or simple cheap high quality likes…More than 10 different services to choose the best for your client!
  • Daily Post Limit : If you want to restrict your client to X number of posts every 24 hours,here is where you declare it.On the other hand if you want to leave it on unlimited,type 0 here.
  • Add 10 mins delay for each posts : Some clients want to receive likes with delay…That’s the option for that.
  • I want to set start date and end date for autolikes profile : Schedule when auto likes will begin for any profile or when their subscription will end.This will mark profile as expired after end subscription time so that you won’t forget it.
  • Add Auto Comments also? : Select this option to get  comments too with your likes on every next post.You can have random comments or you can create a list of custom comments and assign it to your profile.You can also write custom comments on the textbox if you don’t want to have a list and system will pick up randomly comments to send on each post.
Filters and Search

Here you can sort and filter your profiles by many options(server type,posts limit reached,daily limit reached,end date reached/coming,status).

Important tip : Search button is on the right side,use the horizontal scrollbar to reach it…it’s very usefull to search by profile/username when you have many profiles….


You can select every profile and you can restart total posts counter/daily posts counter.Also you can remove it from autolikes script or force the script to check it before the schedule check time(once every 5 mins).

*You can also select and change server for likes to many profiles,in case a server is down or is updating the database.

Manage Comments

Here you can create your custom lists of comments (supports emoji too),edit them or delete them.Afterwards you can assign it to any profile on auto likes script to receive them on next posts or you can use them on Add Order function to send custom comments to any post!

Price and Information

Not much to say for this…here is the list of services that is active or not currently in the system with their corresponding price.

  • Faq : Our FAQ section.If you cannot find what you are looking for,go to Contact Us section.
  • Contact Us : Feel free to coontact us regarding any question or suggestion for our panel.
  • Terms of Service / Refund Policy / Payment Plicy : Although it’s borring…we recommend you to read them before you register on our panel.
  • Create tickets : If you are facing any problem and you haven;tfind the solution on FAQ or How to pages,then open a support ticket here.
  • Show Tickets : View all your past opened or closed tickets

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