Modern Features

Many options for your orders.

Automatic Services

Auto likes,auto views,auto comments and followers with automated delivery...

Delivery on Demand

Schedule or/and split the total delivery amount,spread it across posts easily,etc.

Lists with Comments

Create lists with comments,assign every list to any profile and receive them automatically on next/every post

Servers Combination

We use many servers with different profile pools to keep your clients services delivered even if a server has problem/updates.Avoid usual problems of other providers for auto likes...

Managing tools

Take advantage of Messazon features to deliver your orders to your clients easily

  • Professional and easy-to-use panel
  • Spread the Likes between posts with 1 click!
  • Schedule the delivery of any service over time.
  • Split the delivery of any service over time and make it look natural!
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  • Managing tools
  • Comments Lists

    Now you can create and send your own comments to any post

    • Create Unlimited Lists of Comments
    • Assign them to any post
    • Assign them to any Profile with Auto Likes
    • Receive your own comments with likes automatically
    Comments Lists
  • Comments Lists
  • Instagram Auto Likes

    Add your or your clients profile and receive Auto Likes/Views/Comments...

    • Variety of servers and profiles for Likes(10+ services)
    • Set posts limit daily limit and start-end dates for each profile
    • Split the delivery of likes over time
    • Add auto comments random or custom from your lists
    Instagram Auto Likes
  • Instagram Auto Likes
    • FAQ

      Answers to most common Questions!

      What is is not a regular Instagram resellers panel.The variety of our services makes a powerfull tool in the proper hands.If you don’t believe us,then please check by your self.Register and get $5 to test our services...we are sure you will get back for more!

      What type of profiles/servers/services do you offer?

      We are offering Instagram Likes/Followers/Comments and Views. We have include the bests,most reliable,stable and fast servers to choose from(currently 4 servers with many databases on each one). We have Real/Fake/Targetted profiles with HQ (High Quality)/MQ (Medium Quality) and LQ(Low Quality).Also you can choose between Fast,Medium speed and Slow servers.

      You can take a look here for samples of our profiles.

      Why do you have so many servers/databases of profiles?

      Because as ex-resellers our selfs,we always faced problems with our Auto Likes clients…Once in a while every server needed update/refresh or it was overloaded and had delays.That’s why we are giving you the options to split test and use each server that suits you best! Also we want to give you the ability to transfer your profiles for auto likes to a different server in case the server you are using is not working 100%.

      What about Refunds?

      As we specify on our Refunds Policy Page

      “You fully understand and agree that no refunds to PayPal will ever be made at any circumstances once you made your payment(s) at PayPal or 2CO.”

      Will there be any delays?

      Sometimes there will be delays…If you are working with Instagram you should know that updates and what they cause is something we are facing very often.So we cannot guarantee that there won’t be delays! Also as we are not owning the servers we cannot be responsible for them.BUT we can guarantee that we will working daily to provide you the most fast,high quality and reliable servers…

      Is there any guide for all your panels features?

      Yes we have a guide right here…


      Contact with us for any question or suggestion…

      Check here if you are human.